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Soap Flowers Bouquet Green & yellow

Soap Flowers Bouquet Green & yellow

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The Perfect Eco-Friendly Luxury Bath Gift for All Occasions

Yellow, Peach and Red Rose & Carnation Soap Flower Bouquet is an exquisite representation of classic romance and charm Each flower in this stunning bouquet is artfully crafted from high quality soap, skill fully shaped to emulate the natural allure of real blooms The vibrant yellow,peach and red roses in the bouquet are symbolic of symbols of friendship,care, gratitude, and warm feelings while the delicate carnations add a touch of pure love and prosperous life.

This bouquet is more than just a visual delight it's an experience of luxury, Expertly arranged and adorned with an elegant ribbon, the bouquet stands as a captivating centre piece, perfect for adding a romantic touch to any setting As the petals gently dissolve in water, they release a subtle fragrance, turning an ordinary bath into a serene, fragrant retreat The soap not only leaves the skin feeling refreshed and nourished but also encapsulates the essence of a heartfelt gift.

Each bouquet is Cruelty free Vegan friendly Silicone free SLS & Paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

Embrace the art of elegant gifting with Rose & Carnation Soap Flowers Bouquet Whether as a token of love, a decorative masterpiece, or a pampering spa experience, this bouquet is sure to enchant.

Order now and let the beauty of roses and carnations transform your expression of affection into an unforgettable gift idea or treat for yourself or loved one.

Usage Instructions for Soap Flowers Bouquet

  • For Hand Washing: Gently pluck a petal from the soap flower. Lather between your hands with water, wash, and rinse thoroughly.
  • For Bathing: Take a few petals off the soap flowers and scatter them in your bathwater. They will dissolve, releasing a delicate fragrance and moisturising agents for a luxurious bath experience.
  • As Room Fragrance Place the bouquet in your bathroom or any area of your home to enjoy its subtle, refreshing scent. No water needed; just let the soap flowers' natural aroma gently perfume your space.
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